Back to games index The ClickBoom keeps on releasing great games for the pleasure of all Amiga fans, therefore after the excellent NAPALM here is finally the most waited TRAUMA ZERO, renamed T-zer0!
Like Napalm, the T-Zer0 package is constituted by the single CD box with a booklet of 20 patinated and colored pages. On it we have all the instructions in English language for the game and its installation, the titles of the audio tracks available on the CD (13 tracks for a lenght of approximately 38 minutes), a page on the protection codes and an offer for having Capital Punishment with 10 USD (canadian dollars! ndSPAWN). It should be noted that the game "Capital Punishment" is already present on the CD in its most recent version, the 1,1. To play it is just needed an installation on HD; clearly you need to register at the ClickBoom in order to obtain the handbook of instructions and the required protection codes of the game.
A game snapshot. Click to enlarge the imageOn the backside of the box are announced the next titles available from Clickboom: Z, game already waited from immemorial time, originally coded on the PC by Bitmap Brothers, NAPALM Mission Disk, new missions for the homonymous strategic game and finally NIGHTLONG, a point-and-click graphical adventure distributed on 3 CD, originally produced from Team 17.

The CD contains 266 megabytes of data, and the remaining space is occupied with audio tracks. In addition to the game and to the installation of Capital Punishment, it 's available also a level editor in order to modify or create new levels for T-zer0. It's possible to execute the game directly from the CD-ROM, to make an installation on the own HD, choosing between 5 various types of it: from the minimum (30 k) to the complete one (255 Mbyte). Before executing the game you're asked to execute the setup in order to correctly set the parameters of the CD player.

T-zero is a shoot-em up, that is a game in which we have to destroy everything, with horizontal scrolling, inspired to the best Amiga traditions. We will have therefore to eliminate all that moves on the screen, to collect the bonus and to upgrade our spaceship increasing its destructive power. The game is opened on a PAL screen in overscan, allowing therefore the widest vision on the screen. Loaded the game, we will be able to see a beautiful animated intro; the presentation is truly optimally realized, as never saw for a long time and surely one of the best ever realized for an Amiga game. Ended the presentation, we find ourselves in the main menu, where we will be able to choose to begin a new game, to load a saved one (a maximum of 10 saves can be stored), to visualize the records (truly evocative the animation in background), to choose if we wish to play alone or with a fried at the same time, to select our skill, to choose between a STORY mode (allowing to view animations, to select various paths, and to explore 5 worlds) and an ARCADE mode (simpler, with 4 worlds). We can set up a lot of other parameters of the game, like autofire, inertia of the spaceship, and adjust the animations in background, the several modalities of transparency and the color; we have moreover the chance to select the audio type of CD tracks, between High-Tech or Arcade, to preview the animations, etc. Surely a complete configuration menu!

A snapshot of the game. Click to enlarge this image Before beginning the game, we will have to choose the spaceship to pilot. A feminine voice (the same one that during the game will describe the several objects and bonus we will collect) illustrates us the characteristics of the several spaceships, while on video we will be able to assist to the animated vision in 3d of the spaceship in examination.
The game structure of T-zer0 recalls the old classic Amiga games like R-Type and Menace, clearly T-zer0 takes advantage of all the new features of Amiga: the minimal requirement is in fact an Amiga AGA, 68030 and 8 megabytes of ram. The final result is an exceptional shoot-em-up with a graphic little to say sensational; awful are the animations, the scrolling of the game is extremely fluid, great are also the backgrounds skillfully animated. Many are the innovative peculiarities in this game in comparison to its illustrious predecessors, in addition to a clearly impeccable technical realization: we have the chance to collect many bonuses (as a platform style), to choose various routes (based to our ability) changing therefore the game structure, graphic effects not present in any other game (zoom of spaceships, smoke effects, trails of shots etc.). I' ve never been a fan of the shoot' em-ups, but I must say that T-zer0 has truly made to me a positive impression: the playability is really cool and the possibility of being able to play in two simultaneously cannot do anything else that increase its longevity, without counting the chance to create new levels thanks to the editor available on the CD.
A snapshot of the game. Click to enlarge this image The custom chips of Amiga in this game surely are exploit at their maximum and the result is in front of our eyes. The only mark that can be made to T-zer0 is the non-support of graphic cards, probably caused by the low level programming techniques of the chipset AGA that does not allow an easy conversion for the graphic cards. The ClickBoom has readily released a T-zer0 bugfix allowing also to users of IdeFix97 to correctly listen the audio tracks from CD, therefore if you have problems in listening the optimal musics burned on the CD download the fix available on the ClickBoom web site.

T-zer0 (entirely coded by Italians) is certainly the new standard for this kind of games; all next releases will surely have to compare with it.

If you are still in doubt on the purchase of the CD (but I hope I'm not right) I'll remember you that, with T-Zer0, for only 10 canadian dollars you can bring at home another sensational (as hard) game: Capital Punishment.


We wish to thank AmigaPage which has kindly supplied the review.

Graphics: 98%
Sounds: 98%
Playability: 98%
Technic: 98%
Longevity: 98%
Global: 98%

Required configuration

Processor: 68030
Operating system: 3.0
Graphic: AGA
Audio: Paula
Memory: 8 MB Ram
CD-Rom: 2x

Advised configuration

Processor: 68040
Memory: 32 MB


Processor: 68030-40-60
OS: 3.0, 3.1
Audio: Paula
Graphic: AGA
Multitasking: No

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