Virtual Grand Prix

Back to games index Thanks Paul Cattani. Thanks for this magnificent Christmas gift. At last someone renewed this gamefield on Amiga. Too much time is passed from when I have played for the last time to a Formula 1 simulation on my loved computer. Do you remember ''Formula 1 Grand Prix''? That game made history on Amiga. He was extremely playable, enough fast, and also a lot amusing. well, this new simulation, much simulation little arcade, is truly very well made and succeeds to wring the throne to its predecessor.

A Snapshot of the game The game is structured in such way to truly reflect a Formula 1 race, in fact it just seems to compete in a grand prix in all its parts. Naturally the game resides on a CD-ROM installable on HD. The possibility of the installation is given from the installer that you will find inside it; the installation procedure will copy all the necessary on your HD. You will be able to carry out also a larger installation, but, in order to do it, I suggest you read carefully the instructions available on the CD-rom. If you do not have a HD or of it you have a little one, you may also play through CD-rom, without carrying out any type of installation.

Once you've done all the preparartory steps, you can begin your first challenge. By clicking on the game icon, the first images will be displayed in front of your eyes and an intro, that moreover will show you a beautiful car in 3d. All the introduction will let you see you video streams about the Formula 1 race. Premised that the start icon must be choosed among 3 possible solutions, the first is the video mode base 320*256, the second one gives back a resolution to you of 320*512, and the third modality must be selected on cards video using the Double Buffering mode.
Ended the introduction you will enter in the real game. A screen will be shown to your eyes to be able to choose various options. Every option contains itself other ones. They allow to customize the several modalities of game (championship, single race, etc.) and they offer the chance to carry out modifications on determined settings, to save games, etc. The game allow you to set many details to your car before putting in track and taking part in a race.

A snapshot of the game We say that the attention that our PAOLO has given to all several particular of this sport makes the game much complex, but also much realistic and exacting. Think, there are really all the tracks, identical to the original versions. Think, there are really all the tracks, identical to the original ones. Moreover, you can select cars from other teams as well, and this chance ,increasing of various points the longevity, makes it a complete product.
The programming technique is of a level really high. The graphic is all textured, including the sky and the reflection of clouds on the bonnet. The number of frames is rather good also on not so powerful computers. The audio could be made better, especially for the digitized voice... another pity here. The speed with all move on is quite pleasant.
The bad marks that I have found, playing with this game, is that the collisions are surely made in an improvable way, especially when it happens to bump against the edges of the track. It 's also difficult to insert the reverse gear in certain cases, cause it has been adopted the strange system to use the cursor keys in order to choose the march direction, and that is ahead or back. Just a bit unusual, also old Formula 1 made all through Joystick and was surely the better solution for being able to carry out the manoeuvers on track, especially after an accident. On the effective playability this title it loses some point.

A snapshot of the game Furthermore, the game allows you to play either inner to the cockpit or externally. The last one give you the chance to choose various angles-shots. I conclude the speech saying that the game is truly well made under many aspects and in the complex is a good product. I would want to speak you more than this title, surely the efforts of PAOLO CATTANI deserve them, but is actually impossible, the time is tyrannous and I must absolutely deliver right now the review. I send back you to a future updating box, why, if you don' know it, the good PAOLO, not satisfied by the job he has carried out, is working to an update that will bring some bugfix to the code and will insert the PowerPC version ( the development of this one is just now on hold because of the last Amiga Int. announces) that it will be able to catch up the resolution of 640*512 or 640 * 480. We 're wondering to see what will prepare us this time: if the update will be worthwhile sure the judgment will increase remarkably.

I cannot tell you other than advise all the passionate of Formula 1 racing to order the ORIGINAL copy from the closest retailer. See you for the next review!!!


We wish to thank PAOLO CATTANI - Epic Marketing - Islona Entertainment Ltd. in order to have supplied us an original copy of their product.

Virtual Grand Prix
Graphic: 90%
Sound: 90%
Playability: 90%
Technic: 90%
Longevity: 90%
Global: 90%

Required Configuration

Processor: 68020
Operating system: 3.0
Graphic: AGA
Audio: Paula
Memoria: 2 MB Chip RAM + 4 MB Fast RAM

Advised Configuration

Processor: 68040
Memory: 32 MB
Graphic: any graphic card
Cd-Rom: 16x


Processor: 68020-30-40-60
OS: 3.0, 3.1, 3.5
Audio: Paula
Grafica: AGA, any graphic card
Multitasking: Yes

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