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The 'NG'

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Will the NG really be just another Linux-box? A Linux-box is an usual Intel- architecture PC with a Linux installed on. Linux is a simple OS. The AmigaNG can be expected to be much more than that. It's trying to do not less than getting all the good things (what has the best ratio of performance/support) from the industry to integrate these in a new-fashion much more user/developer-friendly environment, the AmigaOE, using another new concept, the AmigaObjects, (which is Amiga's answer to the industry's new way, the object-orientatedness.)

Will this lead to a new revolution? It's to be seen. Anyway, remember the age of MS-DOS when GFX was expensive and used only for showing images. Amiga's and Mac's multi-tasking (only Amiga?), windowing, 'mousing' system was a big revo- lution. (As big in SW as in HW.) Most of these things was used already that time on expensive experimental systems, but not in the all-in-one manner and not for the wide public. This is a somewhat similar case, in a higher level. (BTW, it took quite a some time to the industry and public to understand all the benefits of these. Hopefully this time it will happen faster, more 'direct', and in a face of a much bigger publicum.)

Linux and X-Windows are the most strong bases for this. (BTW, these are meant for the lowest-level, so no users nor developers will get connected with these directly.) A substitute of the Linux will be used, (but if someone wants to run also Linux app's, he can install the whole). (So, Amiga brings Linux to a wider public...)

AmigaObjects: these forms the interface between the app's and the OE/OpenGL/ HW(-drivers). But there is much more in this. These are representing new ways in computing. (It's to be learnt better.)

Java(2) is one of the most important new advancements in the industry (in terms of easier/more elegant programming and HW-independence) and also has the most strong support in its class. The NG is said to be optimized for it (probably through the CPU), so speed is not a concern. It will be the primary programming language, (communicating with the other parts through the Amiga-Object system). If the OE get ported to other HW, Java-app's will run there, too. (C and C++ can also be used if easy portability doesn't counts.) (So, Amiga give a boost to Java...)

OpenGL: it's the most professional 3D system, recently also used for games, but not solely for that (like Glide, etc.). And the AO's makes it easier to use, too. (But it can also be used directly, if needed.)

The HW: in a few years there is no big opportunity to make as big changes: high-resolution GFX, 3D, good audio, etc. are usual things now... Of course, there is always room for better integration of these into the system, among new things, like network, distributed processing, digital-TV, surround, etc. What's one of the most important goals is that we will use industry-standard, good-priced, powerful, 3rd-parties-made pieces. So, a big part of the PC industry will work also to us... (At least, they aren't interested in our failing...) BTW, note that 3D GFX + other things is standard now on the NG! Also note that the actual motherboard isn't for years, as was the case with the older Amigas. Now it can be made in several versions, (by 3rd parties, also), and designing new ones, following the industry's movements, and the users' needs. (New system-bus, SCSI on-board, new GFX-chip... BTW, I hope AGP, or something else will also be included soon.) And you can always plug in what you want. (Probably drivers won't be a big problem). (BTW, ATI's next-generation 128-bit 2D/3D chip isn't as bad...)

CPU: to be seen. But it's sure that it (and the whole system) will be fast enough to eliminate the need to make the app's as (hardware-)optimized (so dependent) as was needed in the 'old days'... And to use those AO's for good. (There the MHz's are used better than on that certain system...)

It's the new OE, the AO's, etc., (and the whole in itself) that are going to bring new possibilities. Imagine: easier and more creative programming, fast 3D GFX (as standard!), etc. All in one well-integrated system. (I can't wait to program it...) That's what revolutional especially. And that's the whole will be sold at nice quantities at reasonable prices... It's a revo- lution in real, not on the desk, or in fantasy. Anyway, it's my opinion.

      by Victor S. Haaz

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