Olo Fight

Back to games index Finally, the group of coders called The Real Ologram has released its first product. This game, called Olo Fight, is the result of many months of hard work. Since this game places itself in competition with other good titles already released, judging it will be a hard task. The king of beat'em ups is Capital Punishment, closely followed by the extremely playable Mortal Kombat I and II, the excellent Elfmania, the old but still impressing Body Blows Galactic, the wonderful Shadow Fighter and, last but not least, Fightin' Spirits. There are many other games of this genre, but we won't mention them in order to save time

With all these competitors it will be hard for Olo Fight to score a good mark, however we will do our best. Programmed by the above mentioned group, this game was supposed to steal the title of best beat'em up from ClickBOOM's masterpiece ("supposed" because, unfortunately, it didn't! - SPAWN). The storyboard deals with eight warriors coming from eight different worlds and belonging to eight different races. Their mission is to defeat the evil character of the situation before he manages to build a machine capable of using the extremely powerful secret energy held inside the core of the planet Kobaia. The game is very well done, but it lacks some qualities which are requested for a good beat'em up. For instance, the playability is not as high as we expected, still very far from Mortal Kombat. The graphics of the scenery are good, coming close to Capital Punishment's and Elfmania's which in my opinion are the best ones.
You can choose from 8 different characters (it seems that there are hidden ones which you can use after finishing the game in hard or super mode): overall it's a good number, but it doesn't allow the game to beat its competitors. Moreover, the characters are not very well drawn; they have been created in a sort of 3D rendered style which is not as good as the one used in Rise of the Robots. On a technical point of view, the game is actually very good: the characters have a good number of frames, the sceneries are animated and the floor has a nice parallactic effect. These aspects put the game on the same level of other titles. The musics in some cases are very good, but on the other side sound effects leave something to be desired... this puts the game down. A very good presentation introduces the characters through several little but very well done animations. The structure of the matches is remarkable for its originality: when you defeat an opponent, you gain experience which will determine your skill, your strength and the number of special moves you know. In this way you will be able to create a sort of database of joystick combinations which you will form out of the 29 basic movements. The special moves are very well done, and some of them are particularly original.

There are 5 different playing modes to choose from.Story Mode wiil allow you to play with all the characters.Survival Mode is similar, apart from the fact that you will never get back your maximum amount of energy: you wiil be granted an extra small quantity after every victory. This is a good way to test your toughness. In Time Attack Mode you will have to defeat all the opponents given a time limit. Single Battle is a match against only one opponent. Finally, Vs Battle is a match between two human opponents. Another great feature allows you to send the results of your matches to the authors' web site using a TCP socket (Miami, AmiTCP, etc..).

All the usual options are present: graphic detail, audio settings, autosave, etc. Finally, the game runs in multitasking, does not support neither AHI nor graphics cards and is distributed on 10 disks. Apparently there's also a CD version but, according to rumors, is completely identical (what a waste of space! - SPAWN).

by Spawn

Translation by Simone Ortalda

Thanks to ATO:
(italy: http://bilbo.di.unipi.it/~ato-it
world: http://ato.vapor.com)

Olo Fight
Graphics: 88%
Sound: 88%
Playability: 87%
Technique: 92%
Lastability: 90%
Global: 89%

Minimum Configuration

CPU: 68020
Operating System: 3.0
Graphics: AGA
Audio: Paula
Memory: 2 MB Chip Ram

Recommended configuration

CPU: 68030
Memory: 4 MB EDORam


CPU: 68020-30-40-60
OS 3.x
Audio: Paula
Graphics: AGA
Multitasking: Yes

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