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AW - Something concerning you...
MJ - Well, my name is Morgan and I'm 23 years old. I live in the middle of Sweden, about three swedish miles outside Írebro. I've been fascinated about computers along time now and I guess it all started when me and my brother got our NES about 15 years ago. That's was the good old days, spending all sparetime playing "Ice Climber" or beating the hell out of some sewer-turtles in "Mario Bros" :)
Later I bought an A500, started playing on it as everyone else, but I soon started to make my own programs in "AmigaBasic" (made by Microsoft :) I also got "AMOS" when it was released, and even later I started to learn 68k assembly language. And here I am today. :) Right now I am working on a local newspaper that is only available on the internet (www.24timmar.se, swedish only). I do lots of script,html-coding and stuff like that. It's kind of fun! :)
AW - Why do you have an Amiga and not another computer ;-) ?
MJ - I've asked myself this many times. :) However I do have a PC but I hardly ever use it. The Amiga is a very expensive computer but It's a hell of a lot more fun than a PC if you're not a game-maniac.
AW - For which reason do you have decided to made a NES emulator ?
MJ - When me & my pal Fredrik started, there was none. "Nesticle" for PC was released and I was amazed how good it worked and I started to wonder why there was none available for the Amiga. And so I grabbed Fredrik and we started to work on one. As we worked, both DarkNESs & CoolNESs appeared.

AW - Which is for you, at the moment, the best NES-emualator around ?

MJ - A/NES of course, what did you expect me to answer? :) :)
Most available NES emulators are very good and I'll sure the emulator-quality will increase in the future as more of the NES hidden-secrets are uncovered. :)
However some NES emulators for PC are very impressive, but everyone with a PC has atleast 166Mhz these days so they don't need to optimize their code the same way as we have to do (waste your 030's and get a fast 040 /060! :)
AW- Do you think to put fetures like NESticle on PC's, for example the spectrum analizer or the gfx-grabber on ANES ?
MJ - I can't say we've ever thought of implementing a spectrum analyzer in A/NES. :)
Most people today has "only" a 68030/50 so we have to be quite carefull when implementing new advanced features, since we want to keep the high framerate and the good compatibility as we have today. The screengrabber feature will be automatically be available when the cgfx- compatible version of A/NES will be released.
AW - Do you thnik to made a "Final Version" of ANES some-day and start a new project ? If yes, Which project (If you have already decided naturally ;) ?
MJ - No comment on this one.
AW - Do you think to made a PPC-port of ANES in future ? With GFX-boards support ?
MJ - GFX-boards will soon be supported in A/NES already. However, at the moment a PPC version seems unlikely, both due to lack of time and public feedback.
AW - Now something different, What do you think about the actual Amiga Int. direction for the Amiga (Classic and NG) future ? And about AmigaOS 3.5 ?
MJ - The Amiga needs to be upgraded that's for sure. The AGA chipset is very good but ancient, and so is the 8-bit audio. We need a new and powerful machine. But it must be cheap, todays A4000's are way to expensive. AmigaOS is very good but it's not worth that kind of money. People could buy themselves a hell of lot faster PC for the same amount of money and run UAE instead. And about AmigaOS 3.5.. It would be interesting to see what it will be like when it arrives. I hope they've added more usefull stuff than just a bounch of NewIcons that was shown on the released screendumps.

Joachim Thomas

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