Fleecy Moss Interview (Part 2):
KOSH & the future of AMIGA spirit

PP = petty
FM = Fleecy Moss

[PP] How would you explain to an alien the Amiga philosophy?
[FM] Don't know - I don't speak alien ;-)

The Amiga philosophy can be summed up as personal empowerment. It provides a tool that allows anyone to really do what they want to do, whether it be just play games, use applications, configure their system, replace key parts or develop themselves; and it does it in an elegant, intuitive way. It really is the lego of the computer world.

[PP] Seen the present circumstances, would you recommend anyone to buy an Amiga Classic rather than a PC or Mac ? (Heresy!).
[FM] When you buy a computer, you buy it not as a fixed function machine but for what it can do, the applications, its hardware capabilities. Could I recommend to a family on a low income that they should buy an Amiga for its huge and varied amount of kids software? Could I recommend it for a businessman who needs to interface and integrate with his clients in the businessworld?

The classic Amiga is five years old. The owners have done little to encourage or stimulate the developers, retailers or magazines. Most ppl today to get their Amigas updated with all the community software need to really understand their system. We still don't even know what future, if any the classic Amiga has. The very companies on who we as users depend have cancelled their plans or are redirecting their efforts.

As much as I hate to say it, I would have to say no.

[PP] Among the Amiga kommunity exists a unmeasurable percentage of faithfully users with a too limited vision, only towards Amiga, without any longing to other systems or wishing to roll up their sleeves working for KOSH. What would you say to them?
[FM] Ppl must do what makes them happy. If that makes them happy then they must follow their own hearts. For some time the Amiga has become a more closed, inward looking community. It often also looks for saviours, a company to charge forwards and save them. ...and yet the Amiga community is THE community that has worked to keep itself alive, write new software, make new hardware to keep the platform alive. It is a connundrum. As far as KOSH goes, it is something completely different. Nothing even exists for it yet apart from a website and a few documents. Ppl can get involved as they like. Again, they must do what makes them happy.
[PP] Ok, at a 'philophical' level KOSH is the utopia all of us would see carried out. On the practical side you (I'm tempted to say 'we', considering that I'm hourly more and more interested to have a share in this project) will need investments. Who, at present, finances? Have you already received any offer?
[FM] We have had offers, and some from a few companies. However, they require more than good intentions. Also, the structure of KOSH is still being debated, and ppl are stilling arguing for a complete GNU/GPL opensource model. I will be working more on this over the next month or so.
[PP] I agree with you. Tell me the truth, my friend, after the last disappointment do you still believe in Gateway's projects?
[FM] QNX are a great company, and the evolving Digital Convergence market will see a giant leap forwards in integrating computers and appliances into ppl's lives. Old models need to be broken down - it is the information and the desire to use it that is now more important. The opportunities are still there, although the field is becoming more and more crowded with many big names entering the fray. I do have my opinions but none I feel comfortable with sharing without the services of a good lawyer.
[PP] The problem is: Amiga exists, we can touch it, it's concrete. Kosh is a new dream. Those who have been dreaming for a decennium, by this time are too resigned (and angry) to support KOSH. There will be the need for more help. How much interest, do you believe, will KOSH gain among users of other alternative systems (BeOs, Linux, Mac...)?
[FM] KOSH isn't about any one platform - it's about ppl who really like technology and who have a certain view of the universe getting involved to produce and own the platform that they chose to use. Of course it doesn't exist yet, and it may never exist. We aare just determined to put some effort into seeing whether it CAN exist. This is who we are.
[PP] Have you already planned the features of KoshOS? What will KoshOS take from Linux, what from Amiga and how much from WinTrash... };) Will every application need to be rewritten or recompiled for each harware used, or something similar to a Java Virtual machine will be implemented?
[FM] KOSH is an environment, an object sea that provides services. As such it is completely open and customisable. Developers will be able to create anything they like for it, slowly populating and enriching the ecology of the object sea. As such, developers and users can borrow from any platform they like or go off on their own. KOSH is like a compost bag ;-) Ppl buy it and then plant the seeds they want to create the plants they want. We are not about forcing anybody to do anything.
[PP] How could I help you? And how could AmiWOrld help ?
[FM] Get involved. Find out what your readers want out of a system, what applications they want to run, how they want to be running them. All this information, distilled down, is exactly what we want for the design teams. Apart from that, just stay interested and when/if we get KOSH 1 out then see what you think - that time will be the true birth of KOSH.
[PP] (Privately, Fleecy, I dont't believe there is a big chance for Kosh to carry out.) And yet, I'll offer my best, give all the possible and embrace the project. Tell me how I could help you. I'm no skilled specialist, but my editorial-journalistic experience in AmiWorld. It's a few months I'm working on my plan. A new magazine addicted to the investment of the ideal heritage of Amiga's philosophy towards alternative systems. After all, Fleecy, it seems that I'm aready working, without knowing it, for KOSH...;)
[FM] Just get and keep a community of ppl who are really interested in something better than what exists. KOSH may not be to everyone's tastes, and there are always going to be detractors. What you describe above sounds a great idea and if I can help you, then let me know.
[PP] My projects is an unique pool made up by the best among Amigan publishing, plus a magazine consecrated to alternative sistems, kosh included.

I need to recruit more contributors (gfx artists, translators, editorial staff) for this exacting job. A link to AmiWorld's site from the KOSH's web pages would be very useful for increasign our web trafic and giving us the possibility to find new members for our team.
What do you think? Would you like to help each other?

[FM] Do you have a website? We are running a banner exchange. One other thing. Exacly what are you doing? A friend and I will shortly be starting a web portal dedicated to alternative computing platfoms. There may be a possibility of co-operation.

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