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To go from the heights of ecstasy to the pits of dispair far deeper than even Schindler's valley, and all in 24 hrs. The slings and arrows of outrageous misfortune really seem to like the Amiga community, but when they are fired from our own supposed masters, then it just freaks me out.

If you don't know, follow these simple instructions

1 - http://www.qnx.com/amiga/
2 - read Collas's latest on the Amiga website
3 - get a big bottle of Vodka and go out shooting rocks

The first good news in years from QNX, that they have had 40 ppl working on adding enhancements to their cutting edge RTOS to make it more consumer friendly, that they will launch a full featured developer support program, that they want the community to come over and develop for it. Most importantly, that they will have product to ship.

And then Amiga Inc pulls the rug out from under them. QNX will no longer be the partner. Linux is a better alternative. Give me a break. The community has spent the last 9 months tearing the QNX site apart, gobbling up its data, demos, and manuals, learning all about the company, characters, partners and projects. We like QNX. It is very amiga like, very advanced. The company is friendly and fun, and most of all they care about their community and their technology.

And now Amiga Inc has shafted them.

Technically, they are just plain wrong. Morally, I find it repugnant that they would do this, not just to another company, but to the community. Leading us along for 2 years, telling us wonderful things as no products were forthcoming, and then telling us we are going to Linux.

What a farce.

Amiga Inc may have the name of our platform, but they do not have our hearts or even our best interests at heart. We have always suspected they wanted to dumbsize the Amiga, so that Ma and Pa kettle could buy beans over their TV, but this is the final straw for me. I am signing up for the QNX developer program, and I hope many others will as well.

We are a community, and as such we have some pride, and some value. Amiga Inc had their chance with us and this announcement is the final straw. I see in QNX maybe a new way forwards - a full featured, advanced OS that, whilst rough, can grow to meet the community as the community grows to meet it.

In six months time, we could have community products, shareware, PD running on our new boxes, stuff from World Foundry, Delsyd, Digital, Paul Nolan, Tornado, Cloanto, Nova, A.C.T, and maybe even running on PPC boxes, if we could persuade QNX to go that direction. Hell, we could be like a real platform again.

Sorry Jim, but that was your last shot. Hello Dan, tell us what you've got.

Fleecy Moss

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