Jogeir Liljedahl releases CD

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Jogeir Liljedahl, perhaps the most famous Amiga MOD musician ever, has published his first music CD.

Jogeir Liljedahl was the composer behind such massive Amiga MOD hits as Guitar Slinger, Mystified, Face Another Day, Out of Silence, G-Comp, Physical Presence and too many others to mention. He has won several awards and prizes at Amiga demo- and music-conventions and for years been one of the driving forces behind the entire free MOD music movement that started around 1987 on the Amiga computer.

He started the music-production group Noiseless in the early 90's and they produced such music-disks as Ambrozia, Dizzy Tunes, Dizzy Tunes 2, Full Moon and others.

For years, Jogeir wanted to publish a CD with his music, but he lacked the money to get the project off the ground. But in early 1999, Bjorn Lynne, an old friend and also an Amiga musician, stepped in and offered to release Jogeir's CD on his LynneMusic Productions label.

Bjorn Lynne was known as Dr.Awesome and part of the demo-group Crusaders in the Amiga scene back in the late 80's and early 90's. Bjorn Dr.Awesome Lynne has since then set up a small record label and mailorder business specialising on music CDs by musicians from the Amiga demo scene. Bjorn also writes music for computer games and has released several CD albums, too. He decided to help Jogeir get his CD released, and in August 1999 the CD was published on Bjorn's label LynneMusic productions. Other artists CDs available through LynneMusic are Chris Hülsbeck, Allister Brimble, Adam Scorpik Skorupa, Gustaf Lizardking Grevberg and others.

Jogeir Liljedahl's first CD, titled The Wanderer, costs 12 plus 1 p&p. It is only available to buy online or through mail order. To buy online, visit To purchase by mail-order, make cheque payable to BJORN LYNNE and send to Bjorn Lynne / Longlands House / Wakefield Road / Ossett WF5 9JS / ENGLAND.

For a free catalogue of professionally produced music CDs by Amiga-musicians, simply write to the above address, and a free catalogue will be sent to you.

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