QNX speaks about Amiga future

Back to news index We sincerely appreciate your interest in QNX and your willingness to communicate our story to the Amiga community.

It is now clear to the Amiga community that Amiga Inc. has decided to pursue a new LINUX kernel strategy for the AMIGA NG. We respect their decision and we sincerely wish Amiga Inc. the best in their future endeavours. We have no interest in getting into a war of words with Amiga Inc over their decision. Their decision has been made. There is no point in discussing it any further. In the end, the Amiga community should judge AMIGA Inc by their decisions and actions - not by what QNX says.

Having said that, QNX will continue on our aggressive plans for the development of a truly revolutionary multimedia operating system. As part of this strategy, we will delivering a beta release of the operating system, development environment and a developers program. I am sure that some members of the AMIGA community would be interested in these technologies and programs from QNX when they are available.

Please keep in touch. Our communications with the AMIGA community will take place via the following website. http://www.qnx.com/amiga/


Mal Raddalgoda Director, Corporate Communications

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