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Go to Home Page of AMiWoRLD For long time Turbocalc rapresent the only choice for those people who search a spread sheet. Now, if there are many other programs like this in the shareware circuit, Turbocalc allready exists and arrives at the 5th version for the Amiga. Let's try to see how is this and what do they do to meke it better.


Turbocalc 5 is supplied in CD-ROM and you can rinunce to the installation and run it from the CD. Consider that the necessary Hard disk space is of 3.5 Mb and all functions will be velocized. While opening program we note immediately the different lenguage versions with english and italian. After lunching the installer we are easy guided in the process without problems. Should be simple to copy the Turbocalc drawer in your decidered placed to make the installation, infact turbocalc unneeds of some "assign"


Turbocalc hasn't a paper manual, all you need is supplied in a Amiga Guide file and you can recall it in every moment. Note That also the manual is in the some language you select and so easy to use. To enrich all his there are many example that help you to understand complicate functions also exist a little "course" that guide you in different stage of learnment.


After lounching you can find the usual work's sheet divided in colouns and rows. At the top there are tools bar and insert row. The graphix interface is also spartan and if we consider that we are in the MUI interface age, a better care will be pleasured. Further this the various MCP patch seems unbetter the graphix interface too. After this we try the real program. Turbocalc can import and export Excel and Lotus 123 files, sometimes there are any problems resolved with the SYLK format support (other standard PC). In the different menu' we'll find different functions and, for a Excel 4.0 user, it won't be new because Turbocalc seems to Microsoft Excel (arghhhh!!!). Click for bigger image Is also disponible a method that permits to save a file like a WEB page so you can create a table more simply that an usual Amiga HTML editor.
Between the different options there are the usual cut, copy, paste and paste special that permits to select what section of cell you can copy or cut. We find, after, the command menu` that permits to create our formules, "Names" and the functions. Here we have a long list: statistic, maths, trigonometric, logic and finanzial functions. Operations on database, text string, cells, breaks, date, time and user only with pressing a gadget of the work sheet. Other functions of text research in cells, is also possible to see each function in english or italian. Returns to menu` we find options to change fonts, border and background of a cell. We find limitation in the alignment: for example we can't center the text of a cell in a cell selection. There is also a menu` where we can set our preferences on toolbar style or screen mode. In this case we note that Turbocalc hasn't problem in opening a Cybervision 3D 800x600 screen in 24 bit.
We can open a help's row at the bottom of the screen where we can find an explanation for all gadget under the pointer.

In the other menu` we can find functions for database and graphics. About graphics we note that Turbocalc is also powerful, you can make every kind of graphics and save it like a image and after treat it with another program. There is also a limit in this section because if you make many different parts of a "cake" with its own percentual you note that each number is laid upon. This problem is present in a "cake" graphic with all separate section too. Click for bigger image Another kind are the animated graphics that permit to create time changing graphics. When you create a graphic, it opens new window where we can find another toolbar: one of this new different options is to trasform graphic in a object. Object will be visualized in the succesive menu` with all of its proprieties too. So you can import an image or insert an image createin Turbocalc. After this you can currect it's dimension. We note also in the creation of the "macro" that will be recall in the work sheet. Lastone menu` is for Amiga Guide, course and index. I notice the printing quality that isn't the maximun. TurboCalc don't print colors in our exact resolution but remember that Turbocalc isn't a wordprocessor. This little problem will be resolve with Turboprint in background.


Turbocalc is so powerful and trustable, swift and versatile in all operations. It resolve each kind of problems from the simpler to the more exacting person who wants all kind of automation. You can create a work that reply to each gadget in different way you prefer.

All this kind of operation will be learn from each person. About this I want to make a point: manual isn't so precise but contains many example to explain our functions. The only problems notices in this program is also the graphix interface. Note that the price isn't cheper for a medium user.
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Written by Michael Friedrich - Creative Developments
Distribuited by Stefan Ossowskis Schatztruhe
Distributed in italy by NonSoloSoft


Thanks to NonSoloSoft for the test Copy

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