VLRec NG - the next generation VLab® software
  • Recording of videos with a normal Zorro-VLab
  • Specialeffects can be performed on the digitized videos
  • Watch TV on your Workbench with a resizable window and options to change contrast and brightness
  • dynamic memory-allocation for best usage of the memory in your AMIGA
  • Save recorded anims as IFF-ANIM5- or MPEG-I-file
  • integrated 24Bit-Digitizerfunction with PhotoAlbum-Preview for fast finding, saving or deleting of pictures
  • all digitised pictures can be previewed in a full-screen Dia-Show
  • Saving of digitized pictures as PBM-, PPM- or JPEG-file
  • PPC-Support for maximum speed (WarpUP and PowerUP are supported)
  • asynchronous GUI-design and the ability to have all windows open at one time
  • modern GUI, that is displayed in full 24bit on graphic-boards
  • special display-routines for graphic-boards, AGA, ECS and OCS
  • Ability to change every important option of a VLab-board

In detail/Screenshots
Control Panel The central window with gadget for every part of VLRec NG. From here you have access to all parts of VLRec NG and can close and open windows.
Snapshot-Center-window The Snapshot-Center-window. Here you can digitize pictures, save them, delete them, show them as a Dia-Show, .. they are displayed as thumbnails in a photo-album-alike window. Grabbing needs less time, if your AMIGA is PPC-equipped, as the calculation from YUV to RGB is then done on the PPC.
Recording-window The recording-window allows the recording of sequences directly into memory. In contrast to old versions of VLRec, VLRec only allocates memory, if it really needs it for recording. This new method of using memory also allows you to use ALL memory, your system has. It no more has to build a single block. You can cut recorded sequences and add effects to them. The results can be saved as IFF-ANIM5 or MPEG-I-movie. MPEG-saving is supported for PPC as well.
Preview-Fenster The Preview-Window is a resizable window, that displays the currently incoming video signal. It can be resized and contrast and brightness can be changed in realtime. You can even invert the image! For all realtime-manipulation-stuff, the PPC is used, if one is existant in the AMIGA-system running VLRec NG. WarpUP and PowerUP can both be used.

  • VLRec NG Full Version: 30 DEM/15 EURO/20 USD
  • Update von Version 1.x, 2.x: 10 DEM/5 EURO/7 USD
  • VLRec NG is delivered on Disk or via EMail

©1999 Felix Schwarz/Innovative

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