Jogeir Liljedahl - The Wanderer

Back to reviews index As we have announced some day ago, the first musical CD of Jogeir Liljedahl has been released; if this name sounds new to someone, we remember that he is of one of the most famous authors of musical modules on Amiga, became famous thanks to the various masterpieces composed on our well-loved platform.

This first CD, released on the label LynneMusic of Bjorne Lynne (the famous Dr. Awesome), proposes some new Jogeir 's song, but also musical modules of particular success (for ex. G-Comp, Guitar Slinger, Mystified), completely recomposed with professional instruments.
The result is excellent: 14 tracks characterized by a perfect harmony, by a fantastic atmosphere, a total of 57 minutes of optimal music, in which often occurs the acoustic guitar (in the greater part not synthetized), the electrical one, wind instruments, some other more ''electronic'', and soft chords made as a background. We passes from peaceful and relaxing atmospheres to a more exited rhythm, through cheerful and melancholic sonorities, always remaining in the ambit of a really melodic music but at the same time it does not fall in the triviality.

In spite of some pieces are rather slow, practically you never risk to be bored; indeed, just in some of these pieces come expressed feelings and senations in the best way; for ex. in ''Imaginative'', one of the most beautiful songs of the CD, constituted by a sweetest melody played by wind instruments, splendidly accompanied by arpeggios and delicate chords, in order to reach the exploit of the violins.

As far as the quality of the audio, the levels are near to the professional ones; sometime we hear sounds a little ''rough'' or not completely realistic, but, mind you, we are always speaking about standards far advanced to that one of the modules. If we want to find a fault, perhaps we can find it in battery sounds, actually they turn out too much electronic; but however this is a secondary aspect, it does not compromise the beauty of the songs.

In conclusion, therefore, the judgment on this CD is extremely positive: you have to listen it without missing any second; a bargain for all the lovers of Jogeir 's modules, and generally warmly recommnded to all the lovers of good music.

Fabio Costa a.k.a. Ph0ton

You can order the CD ''The Wanderer'' on the web (, or by snail mail, to following address:

Bjorn Lynne
Longlands house
Wakefield Road
Ossett WF5 9JS

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