Intell is the true meaning of MMX

Afaik is almost stands for Multi-Media eXtensions, or something similar, so while it isn`t actually an acronym it's pretty close.

The answer came to me in a vision today. In this vision, I was at Intell headquarters and asked CEO Andyy Groovi , who was dressed in a shiny mauve spacesuit, what MMX stands for.

"Mainly Marketing", he replied.

I just had to know. "Then what's the X all about?"

"Our research has shown that trademarks with the letter X in them are perceived as 30% more innovative."

"Trademarks?" I said, "Don't you mean Technologies?"

He looked at me patiently, as if explaining the economy to a little child. "Technologies? What technologies? Haven't you read the manual? There's no technology involved."

I was astonished. "But Intell has always told us so much about the great technology they develop!"

A brief sigh: "We used to do that, but it cost us a lot of money. So we had another research team look into it. One of them came up with a great solution, which was that, since most of the actual high-profit product names we introduce are basically just glossy buzzwords with no substance behind them, we might as well forget about the substance and market the buzzwords themselves. So you could say that we've re-oriented the company towards the trademark industry."

I was still searching for words when Andy donned his helmet to break-dance off onto a brightly lit stage while the vision faded out.

Write by Ian Gledhill

Pager by Joseph Lombardo

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